Mobile phones not existing was a plot point

>Mobile phones not existing was a plot point
>Except they exist now because ?
>Even the girl has a flipflap mobile from the early 2000's despite the setting being 1997-98
Fujimoto doesn't want to write Chainsaw Man anymore, does he?

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So they exist now, what are you gonna do about it faggot? Gonna cry about muh plot hole? fuck off nerd

>I'm a contrarian so even tho i like it, since most people like it then i hate it.

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When was phone not existing a plot point? They have conversations on cell phones all the time.

>They have conversations on cell phones all the time
Not OP but they never did in part 1.

Video billboards don't exist in 1998 too... I'm dropping this shit as soon as i saw it...
Actually killed my immersion. Not realistic at all

The point of chainsawman part 1 was that the general existence of things could be erased because of chainsawman's man powers. Hell Nazis didn't exist in part 1 because they were erased by that power. Chainsawman probably killed the devil of cellphones during the timeskip and brought back cellphones. Either way wait and see.

He does.

leave it to Any Forums to be this autistic over fucking phones existing in a manga with devils beating the shit out of each other and all kinds of wacky shit. who the fuck cares you nerds, just enjoy the spectacle and listen to the song

>who the fuck cares you nerds
They do because faults in internal consistency break their circlejerk over how great the writing is.

You must hate Detective Conan then.

>Motorola's StarTAC was the first flip phone. It was released in 1996, and its small, portable size and light weight (less than 4 ounces) helped make it popular among consumers for several years.

Yeah, also chainsaw man shoud get progressively weaker as less and less people are afraid of the concept of chainsaw.

I assume japs were a few years ahead of the west and cellphone adoption could have been faster in this world because you could call your family if a devil rampage meant you were gonna be home late or something

they did have flip phones back then, it's hard to see but look closer at that phone and it has a huge external antenna, he's still conscious of the time period

and regular cellphones existed before that. I had my first phone in 1999, it was a handmedown.

Yoshida: rape Denji now

chainsaw man takes place in 1997 the mobile flip phone was available to the public in 1996 you fucking tard

>listen to the song

People saying that there were totally flip phones that teenage girls would own, decorate, and use casually in the '90s are fucking stupid

But it's also not a mistake, Fuji is doing something intentionally. He was fastidious about technology in CSM1, he wouldn't just give a girl a phone for no reason

Hell the phone being so shiny and new fancy tech explains why she's showing it off like that too

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japan had those things before the west.

also, some people still use them today

Read it