Why is sex so rare in anime/manga?

why is sex so rare in anime/manga?

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Mentally ill otakus

Even if the girl fucks the main character, she's still becoming an "used goods whore" so better avoid that so our manga and anime keeps selling.

sex isn't rare at all in manga

the japanese can't handle it


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Read more manga

Because there's hentai for that

>why is sex so rare in anime?
>why is sex so rare in manga?
>why is sex so rare in manwha?
>why are there no erotic games?
>why are there no erotic novels in the world?
>why are there no sexy cosplays?

Your question shows how you have limited your exposure to media and its culture.

>why is sex so rare in manhua?
Because the CCP now enforces Social Credit Scoring on authors and writers, so they must write properly. That's why you even see CN fanfictions feature the obligatory JPN and USA vicious villains using heavy-handed over the top viciousness only to be defeated by the MC or the MC's friends.

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What do you mean?

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Because sex is part of the life of normalfags, and otaku despise normalfags.

its not you're just baiting for recommendations.

The same reason it's so rare on broadcast TV channels.

>why is sex so rare in anime/manga?
It's not. At least not in isekai

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it's only rare in shonen manga.

Only westoids are this obsessed with sex

Most anime is made for Teenagers/children/idolfags. The industry would die if it had a lot of sex in it.

>why is sex so rare in manga?

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I bet OP would shit bricks if her knew what Kashiwagi was up to in the manga. Or better yet, what's been up in her.


Take a cute pic since I made a typo. Technically speaking there was implied sex in Rem If.

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I mean, look at Korean pornwha. Once you have sex, there's nowhere to go from there. A Silent War has constant fucking with various sluts, you just get desensitized to it after a while.

feeling the sensual touch of another human being is so foreign, unrelatable, and unachievable an experience for the typical otaku buying the anime/manga and its merch
characters with an active sex life are alienating and remind otakus they're losers