Kanojo mo kanojo

Translation is out, yet no thread?
I'm dissapointed in you Shino bros.

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Nagisa > Mirika >>> Saki > Shino

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Hiroyuki killed the manga long ago
He needs to do more interesting stuff



>retard thread
just dump it here then


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>break next week


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Why does this shithead needs a break, he is copy pasting the plot, and I'm sure he will do the same with Saki


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The only worthwhile dates will be Shino and Mirika's

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>Reiji moment

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Shino is lewd, I blame Nagisa date for killing the hype.

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I like my girls flat, shino is perfect

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She truly is lewd, asking for something like this on the first date

Shino date NOW
Shino kanojo SOON

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>12 Volumes now.

This is HIROYUKI's longest work, right?

Thanks for the dump, user

She is using pads here

I take it they're all going to end up in a love hotel, aren't they?