Gakkou Gurashi

It's just you and this retard against thousands of zombies. What's your plan?

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Fuck her good and hard and see if/how she disassociates from that too, and probably die with my dick inside her.

strap her onto my back n head for the hills to forest the funk out of her

is the manga worth a read?

explain to me why didn't all the zombies just rot away within a week.

Much better than the anime, but still has a lots of zombie cliches.
Overall OK, starts with some pantyhots, but oddly enough the fanservice gets toned down a lot from book 2 on. Unfortunately.

I'll give it a try, it's not long


Inverse to what the user above said, it's not as good as the anime as an overall package. It definitely has different appeals, the manga is darker (not necessarily in always good ways) and has far less depth to the zombies themselves and the focus on their past lives the anime had is largely nonexistent. The way the story is structured is better in some ways and way, way worse in others.

HOWEVER, it has the undeniable advantage of being a full story. I quite enjoyed it despite what I wrote above and it's such an easy read that you could pick it up right now and finish it within the week without even trying, as you noted in . Some very silly shit happens near the end and the writing quality slowly degrades over time, but not to some absurd point. There's still a lot of good to be had from reading it and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the anime, but I'd want them to know about the caveats before going in, hence my post here.

I'll keep that in mind

I exchange her for Kurumi.

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We need to copulate to create an army

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copulate but this time in high resolution

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Sex pink and purple.

I miss her

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Turn her into zombie food.

Relocate to the Depravity Society.

Fuck until we die.

I love this shovel like you wouldn't believe.

Yuki's thick butt!


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