chapter 99 came out, In this episode we learn ferns dead and frieren deconstructs the mystical ability of blasting mana

chapter 100 will be out after a month

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Anime announcement next chapter

I wonder how much they'll be animating. I hope they at least finish the first 4 volumes. Those were great.

Its the one manga where you can tell no matter which no name seasonal trash anime studio they give it to that the adaption will be superior to the source material.

Better designs for characters and environments are a given
Theres nowhere to go but up with action scenes
The animators have all the freedom in the world with designing house interiors, since manga has empty boxes made out of lines.

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Anime is ruining things once again.
Fuck anime.

Probably ending with Aura, unless we get 2 cours

>the adaption will be superior to the source material.
way to jinx it.

Yeah I could see that. Decent hype moment. Get people to buy merch and ask for another season

You could adapt it into a VN and it'd be an improvement.

sexo with frieren

Dump it or I will take away the cake's mother's support IV drip again

why come into a frieren thread if you hate it dude?

Fern isn't dead

I'm hoping for 2 cours, ending after Sein's arc. They could test the waters with the early action scenes, then improve the first-class exam if they decide to animate that at all.

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I guess we're getting some gramps kino on chapter 100.

Or maybe the author has just been infected with Togashitus.

>Great Demon intentionally tries to provoke Frieren
>Gets her to release her mana
Welp, this fight is over.

>the author has just been infected with Togashitus.
humanity has yet to find a cure

I am no longer asking
Chapter 99: Offense x Defense

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Solitar is a qt, too bad she's gotta die now. Can't go around saying you killed Frieren's DaughterMom.

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Lot of Solitar feet this chapter
she has cute feet and cute sandals

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>tfw bought dragon's dogma and made my main companion a mage and made her look just like frieren
it's fun just running around killing monsters with frieren. might have to try and make another companion look like fern or stark

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If I became a 1st class mage I'd ask for a spell that would let me suck cute demons' feet

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>reading shit made by fags with no work ethic

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get a load of this fag

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I mean, plenty of people read hxh despite that.

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I relate to frieren a lot. That's why I read it. One of the few manga I feel a personal connection with.

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That's it.

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