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What happened

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mindbreak sissy cage

look at this dude

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Never read this shit give me a rundown

Imagine you're a retarded neet that has actual real world talent but your to much of pussy to make use off it. Because your so depressed the Gods will let you grant any wish. You wish the Goddess that was the messenger would stay by your side as throw away comment that gets taken literally. She can never lie to you and is always faithful. You spend years with her and mutual love actually develops. She even verbally tell you she genuinely in love. But despite years of being with her somehow you brush off every opportunity to fuck her. Her hot sisters even tease you about it and act seductively around you. Still brush them of because "you lub your goddess". Then at the final confrontation with the Devil its revealed that your loving Goddess and all her sister enforced castration on you when your wish was granted. Remember she didnt lie she just left out that part when granting the wish. Bam world crashes on you. Give you perspective this manga ran from 1988 to 2014. The author saved this till the end. lol

I've never liked romcoms, romance or the like.
It's a genre designed to make its own fans miserable.

Why did they do that?

I got PTSD just from reading this shit what the fuck. Let me guess, the author is a woman.
>reading a shitty romcom for 26 years
you faggots deserved it tho

something about humans and Gods needing to stay seperated

no just a regular dude with a near 30 year long desire to kick his fans in thr nuts He wrote it from 1988-2014 with the twist coming at the very end. Its was pretty based and a lot of tiers flowed.

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>"It's shit so a woman wrote it"
Why are you incels like that?
The author is a man and even better, he got a 20 years old cosplayer pregnant; the scandal was so big he got sort of greylisted (that's why Sega replaced him with Kubo for the Sakura Wars reboot).

>Why are you incels like that?
go back

Brainwashed into being a 80IQ harem mc

honestly he could have done better. She was mid

>the mangaka will be the next prime minister of japan

>lol lmao

>instead of rebbit posts link to /r/

stupid double nigger

That's what gods do. Read some mythology or the Bible

Nah, a woman would be way more brutal. See the ending of Chobits.

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any examples?

I think you're confusing Fujishima with Ken Akamatsu aka the Love Hina guy. Recently he won an election and entered the House of Councillors. Akamatsu won with the extreme far-right, which it's just one faction of the LPD and arguably he got the votes from a demographic that often don't vote, the moe otakus, because his platform was to defend lolicon from western SJWs

Didn't read the manga, but I've heard that the final twist is that the Persocoms aren't sentient at all.
Is that how it went?

Spoilers: For making it short, Chii's reset buttom is in her vagina and Hideki choose to remain celibate the rest of his life to stay with Chii.

Anyway, don't you guys think Hideki kinda look like K1? Especially the eyes. Of course he's tall because women hate manlets but to be fair, everybody hate manlets

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blowjobs exist

Hahahahahahahahahaha, really?
How can people still read such a garbage genre?