Is it unethical to steal someone else's destiny?

Is it unethical to steal someone else's destiny?

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MC should have fucked her.

not if it was my destiny to do so

My issue isn't that, it is that she basically used her metaknowledge to brainwash the five simps and was mean to the original main girl. Also Redgrave is a qt.

Wasn't she is sister from his first life?

Why does everyone think this? Her spinoff route has even gotten so popular its overtaken the main series.

Even better.

She is the reason he died...

wipe the saliva dripping from your mouth

Nah, he's reaching nirvana

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The Mc should've dumped the dykes and went for the queen.

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She is best girl, but isn't that treason?

The king's a lolicon anyway.

The king doesn't give a fuck about her and wants some prime JK pussy instead.

The Gal from the Republic is best girl.

Destiny is a dubious thing in the first place, it's hard to prove that someone could steal it and there's the possibility that the intended receiver may not want to have it.

Kinda, there is a reason why that is not your destiny. But i just want to Leon to fuck her.

Sex with Marie.

This series taught me that the kinder a woman is, the larger her breasts are

This series is a propaganda against DFC.

No, in fact you should do so on principle. Fuck destiny and fate bullshit.