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Do Celestial Dragons deserve the same in return? Is Oda based enough for that?

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Celestial dragons aren't that bad. We've only seen 1 family acting like dicks. I'm sure the rest are nice people.

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>offered Luffy to live with her forever

why Luffy has to be a fag?

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>mink slaves
nah, they're based

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Because he already has the literally canonically unironically pretties woman in the world lusting for his dick already.
He doesn't need a wanna be only fans e-thot idol vtuber

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Post Cute and Canon

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he wont cause of the kids
what do you do to all the little doffys

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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What's the most fucked up thing in One Piece?

I bet Carrot's flashback is gonna be S++ tier

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I want to breed that bunny

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There's not such thing. No one deserves anything. Objective morality is an illusion. Actions can only be judged by their capacity to achieve certain goals.

>" could we not know that the Rubber Fruit the World Government renamed was eaten by THE RUBBER MAN"
>"yes the same fruit that was stolen by Red Hair Shank and we never investigated into that.."
>"better supress the D. in the wanted posters , NOW peoples will know what it could mean before it was ok"
>"im sorry IMU-sama...we are retarded"

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Wano being Zoro's arc

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Boa and Nami are ugly as shit with basic ass designs. Literally fodder females have better designs.

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Hancock was forcefed her fruit when she was still a child. You figure out the rest.

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>Nami - Masturbates twice a week, uses a dildo, used to use the clima-tact
>Robin - Masturbates once a week, prefers dozens of fingers in various places and self-cunnilingus, usually masturbates to erotic novels
>Hancock - Masturbates three times a week, prefers 1-2 fingers, her servants have to watch
>Yamato - Masturbates every day, grinds on her club while thinking about THAT person
>Tama - Masturbates once a week, doesn't know she can climax yet
>Smoothie - Masturbates more than once a day, prefers 4 fingers
>Perona - Masturbates routinely every day, prefers 1 finger, always does it while reading dirty magazines
>Tashigi - Masturbates once a week, inserts her sword hilt, gets caught often
>Rebecca - Masturbates once a week, usea a dildo, loves to suck her own nipples
>Viola - Almost never masturbates, prefers to stick a suction-cup dildo in her shower
>Kaya - Masturbates twice a week, rubs her pussy but never penetrates herself
>Pudding - Masturbates every day, uses a dildo, prefers anal, is terrified of being caught
>Izo - Doesn't masturbate, too disciplined
>Bonney - Masturbates once a week, prefers 2 fingers, fantasises about rape
>Vivi - Masturbates once a week, prefers 2 fingers, only does it in the bath
>Ulti - Masturbates at least once nightly, prefers 1-2 fingers, doesn't understand why it feels so good, sometimes starts to cry from feeling dirty
>Maria - Masturbates twice a week, prefers 3 fingers, likes to do it in a group with other girls
>Sarahebi - Masturbates twice a week, can eat herself out thanks to her long neck, but usually prefers to use 2 fingers since it's tiring
>Hiyori - Doesn't masturbate, too painful
>Kiku - Masturbates twice a week, uses a dildo
>Koala - Masturbates three times a week, prefers 1-2 fingers, anally
>Kalifa - Masturbates twice a week, only rubs her clit, often gets irrationally angry afterwards
>Carrot - Masturbates almost constantly whenever she's alone due to the uncontrollable sex-drive of rabbits

That you can't be pirate king if you don't have conqueror's haki


isnt uta just the scissor dude but younger

>Reiju - Almost never masturbates, likes to spy on her brothers jerking off
>Amande - Doesn't masturbate, too proud
>Galette - Masturbates once a week, uses her own ability
>Poire - Masturbates once a week, prefers 2 fingers, is very loud
>Sadi - Masturbates once every few hours, prefers fisting if she can't find a big enough toy
>Monet - Masturbates once a week, uses her feathers
>Alvida - Can't masturbate, too slippery
>Baby 5 - Masturbates more than once a day, only rubs her clit, is afraid of using her ability by accident while her fingers are inserted
>Bao Huang - Masturbates every night, humps her pillow
>Belo Betty - Almost never masturbates, prefers oral stimulation
>Ginrummy - Masturbates once a day, prefers 3 fingers, prone to squirting
>Kunyun - Masturbates once a fortnight, prefers her hand, it's very difficult to make her stop
>Stussy - Masturbates once a week, prefers anal fisting
>Custard - Masturbates twice a week, humps the corner of her table
>Porche - Masturbates once a week, feels immense shame when she's finished
>Hina - Masturbates twice a week, prefers 2 fingers, always licks them off afterwards
>Cosette - Rarely has time to masturbate, usually too busy and exhausted at night
>Domino - Masturbates three times a week, struggles to achieve orgasm
>Ikkaku - Masturbates roughly once a month, hard to get any privacy on a submarine full of men, uses a dildo she hides
>Miss Goldenweek - Masturbates twice a week, paints pink symbols on her stomach, breasts, and vagina which cause her to experience intense pleasure and multiple orgasms for several hours
>Mikita - Masturbates every day, uses a dildo, likes to squash her boobs
>Conis - Almost never masturbates, sees it as sinful and dirty
>Whitey Bay - Masturbates once a week, uses 2 fingers while licking her toes
>Speed - Can't masturbate, can't reach

>scissor dude
user I...

You just have to be ambitious enough.

>posts fanart of a Nami-face
Fuck off

Kiku not being real so I can't marry her.

Something still has to happen with Cracker and Brulee in the cover story

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>Luffy: back to back with Usopp, as an endurance contest
>Zoro: once a week strictly, whilst standing on top of the crow’s nest, firing off the edge of the ship
>Sanji: whenever he can get away with it, you can be sure your meals have extra protein
>Chopper: uses Nami’s boobs during mating season, otherwise no interest
>Brook: I’d try to get a hard on, but it’s the one bone I don’t have! YOHOHOHO
>Jinbei: fertilises any eggs he comes across

She doesn't need one. We saw it.

Japan doesn't allow gay marriage

She doesn't need to. Her role isn't just spotter, but she's the crew's pressure reliever. Her insane libido can't be matched, but being aboard a crew consisting mostly of virile men will keep her a busy bunny.

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Reminder that Luffy is officially Yonko tier despite being beyond the level of a Yonko and he is stronger than Zolo AND Tranji

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I want to motorboat Zoro's titties

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Chocolate > Vanilla


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Zoro is truly the breast swordsman.

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Reminder that Morj and Morjfags got EPIC btfo

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Yamato didn't join, so Morj was exonerated


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