Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru!

>Your cute precise Suzu has been replaced with a clumsy shortstack
What do?

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This has been good so far

It's quite different to syd

Rejoice, because short-stacks are amazing.

she's very portable

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vile trap

Literally perfect


How tall is she?
How much does she weight?

I think she says how much in her first chapter


>Tiny twintail oppai loli
I've been meaning to get around to reading this. Time to catch up right this very secondness.

she only shows up until chapter 8

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Kaichou-chan is the best. I want to kabedon her so bad. In the margins Muchimaro keeps trying to insist she's a mega closet pervert, but so far he hasn't shown that whatsoever. She's just a normal cute girl and I really hope he doesn't lean into her supposed "perversion" later for cheap gags

did the author only come up with her later into the story, or why did he decide to introduce her after seven chapters?
honestly she's the only draw for me, and from what I've seen she's already one of the most popular characters

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no fucking way he made porn of them

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too small and weak
now girl on the left is perfect

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...where are these behind posted

wow he draws her getting raped and molested by everyone
kind of a bummer honestly, it always ruins any investment I could've had in the character or story when an author does this kind of shit
so dropped

at least I can fap to the twitter shit I guess

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