Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 25 part 2


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first for best boy white

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so what was white's plan if ichigo were actually to lose here? cause he was about to turn into hollow and killed. this is assuming he wants the best for his master of course.

Nth for Tatsuki didn't deserve to be forgotten by Kubo.

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wait where is the bount guy

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Tatsukichads we wont forget...

would have accidently slipped on a banana

Fully hollowfy. White would rather rule as a hollow than submit to a weak master.

Fuck I hate fanart like this where the artist just sticks a huge cameltoe on a bitch and calls it a day. It looks stupid as shit.


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Neither did her entire karate club who died like a week ago

how was the new chapter today csmfag


because you have the big gay, you faggot

>Full powered white
>By the Jobzards
Bro, I love Lisa, but come the fuck on.

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Back to the wagie cage white...

>say this after teaching him
stop being cheeky white

Why does she have hair on her eyelids?

>Implying all of them would even have a single chance against full power White


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i dont think he is that powerful yet right? im pretty sure 8 high level ex shinigami would be able to kill him

Haven't read the last hundred chapters of so
I'm more of a Fire Punch kind of guy
this will be my last image for now, sorry guys

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white is a fucking vastor lorde that manhandled vasto lorde ulquiorra. the fucking vizards would be fucking dead in seconds. vizards are gillians at best

How I would think the Gotei 13 would look like if the Vizards didn't join. Spoiler Warning.

>1st Divison: Shunsui Kyōraku (Captain) & Genshirō Okikiba (Vice Captain)
>2nd Division: Soifon (Captain) & Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Vice Captain)
>3rd Division: Rangiku Matsumoto (Captain) & Izuru Kira (Vice Captain)
>4th Division: Isane Kotetsu (Captain) & Kiyone Kotetsu (Vice Captain)
>5th Division: Renji Abarai (Captain, also Surpassed Byakuya for this to work, ) & Momo Hinamori (Vice Captain, Captain if Byakuya died)
>6th Division: Byakuya Kuchiki (Captain, Replaced by Renji if he died like he was supposed to), & Ganju Shiba (Vice Captain, only if he was sought out and wanted to be like his brother. Otherwise, Ryūnosuke Yuki )
>7th Division: Tetsuzaemon Iba (Captain) & Atau Rindō (Vice Captain)
>8th Division: Nanao Ise (Captain) & Yuyu Yayahara (Vice Captain)
>9th Division: Shūhei Hisagi (Captain) & Yasochika Iemura (Vice Captain)
>10th Division: Tōshirō Hitsugaya (Captain) & Shino Madarame (Vice Captain, only if Ryūnosuke Yuki is already one elsewhere, otherwise it goes to him)
>11th Division: Kenpachi Zaraki (Captain) & Ikkaku Madarame (Vice Captain)
>12th Division: Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Captain) & Akon (Vice Captain)
>13th Division: Rukia Kuchiki (Captain) & Sentarō Kotsubaki (Vice Captain)

Getting your hopes a bit too high

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Bubblebath with Lilynette.

>gets killed
>loses control of his powers

It's not about power. They'd find a way to lose. Remember Rose and Mask?

>make sure you don't get killed
get fucking killed
no wonder white gets pissed off at ichigo

Nah I just think it's a cheap way of doing erotic art.
>look look it's a huge cunt shape between her spread legs you rike?


Cute Christmas Cake

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White propably gauged their hollow potential and if he went full power then their bankais wouldn't help much.

*DOOM blast

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>Shinji uses bankai
>Hichigo becomes his pokemon
It could work

>holding Rangiku's butt

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>bros what would white do if he won and had to deal with the vizards????
kill every single fucking one of them in two minutes flat


He is user, OMZ is nerfing white right now so Ichigo doesn't go full Shinigami. White being in control would do this

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Even though this is clearly aesthetic. I always headcanon after seeing Ichibei that Ichigo's True Bankai ability was going to be the power to Bleached souls and Blackened them depending on the situation. And it would align to wanting a sword capable to shatter fate.

Shinji doesn't have nearly enough badges to control White

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I wish we got to see this again

i really wish ichigo gets a proper true bankai on the new season