Remember bakaBT ?

remember bakaBT ?

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forgot my password years ago, are they still going?

Yeah. I'm still waiting for a couple torrents that were active when they went private to reach 1.0.

I rarely used them when they were public then got locked out once they went private.

>seach [anime title] + bakabt
>download torrent
>refuse to seed


It was based while it lasted.

they're still going. I forogot my password and havent used the site in like a decade but I was able to reset it and sign back in

Forgot my password so no.

I use animebytes. I dunno what the best private trackers to be on nowadays are

This was literally required for the health of their system.

Now that the public leechers aren't in the swarm, the whole seeding pyramid scheme has collapsed. You can't maintain your ratio when you're seeding to same group of 1000 users who downloaded the file 12 years ago. There's not enough new content to bother with due to their draconian anti-stream rip policies, so you're just stuck outside of the annual holiday freeleech.

you can reset it pretty easily. not worth it though if I'm being honest

I had an account but never used it

I use AB instead but also check on BakaBT from time to time.

I used to use it a lot. They had a very impressive library of still seeded shows.


I just want to go back to the days of browsing shit and downloading every show I could get my mits on.

irrelevant as long as nyaa exists

nyaa is a shit show for a lot of older things.

Not really, private trackers are better for older things.

Nyaa's only good for quick torrents on airing series. Anything older has little to no seeders. Meanwhile Baka has plenty of dedicated seeders for the older stuff, but from when I used it, it takes ages for them to approve anything for seeding.

My account got banned cause I didn't seed

streaming is better for older things since there's barely any difference in quality

Forgot the password for both years ago and never bothered with a private tracker again.