Who had the best sex scene and why was it Ciel?

Who had the best sex scene and why was it Ciel?

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I tried reading the sex scenes but then I said nope, that's boring.

I don't remember the exact details anymore. She did let Shiki into her backyard, didn't she?

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Mollusk scenes were obviously the best for the impact they had on the community.

Post it.

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The only one I remember is the Kohaku rape scene


>Who had the best sex scene

Ciel was the worst and is only noticeable in how unintentionally funny it is and the ice cream edit.

Best one was probably Hishui. Mostly because it's the least memorable and therefore probably the least bad.

Arc's was nice especially for the pure fact it was tender loving but she herself could crush your entire pelvis through her strength alone

The Akiha dream.

This one is formatted better

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>this girl literally eats nothing but curry for every meal every single day
>I'm going to fuck her in the ass!
Shiki wasn't too bright.


Yeah, to suppress Roa.

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For me it was the dream sex scenes with Akiha and Kohaku.

Based and same.

Not anime or manga. Go back

it has an anime though.

Yeah, but I couldn't take it seriously since despite Arc being way stronger Shiki still made her cry like a first time virgin.

This, followed by the sea creatures.