Why are so Popular?

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Go ask on Any Forums.

Comics are dead
i mean Webtoons so popular on manga

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they're like cheap fast food

Manga are cheapt Fast food all equal everytime

Webtoons are like an Italian grandma cooking, everytime a dufferent surprise with a large amount of different dished

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this italian grandma is senile

>Any Forums - Anime, Manga, & Webtoons

Subhuman ESLs love consuming human feces.

make /web/ - Webtoons and Mahwa

Webtoons are now more popular than any manga
do not insult my granda tard

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webtoon are pure gems of KINO

Manga.......all dead

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/trash/ already exists.

is for isekay and moeshit

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Die already Mario you gookshit retard

a lot of garbage webtoons in this thread, let me give you anons something good.

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read the bxoer normie

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Those were like 2 panels 90% white space.
This is why everyone with a brain hates your toilet paper format.

eat shit faggot

>trapped in an rpgshit

Webtoons have superior stories because they are independent mostly. Being experimental in manga get you axed by your publishers. Being a mangaka is only about money for Japs. People create webtoons because they love art.

is for smarhpone tard
>but muh

like you can see webtoons are superior ven in clichè

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>People create webtoons because they love art.

Absolute fucking truth

Manga is an industry with mass production method

Webtoons is still art.

the art of a comic an union of draw and dialogues.

not of this in manga

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Yet they are among most soulless and consumerist shit ever written.

How many times has this guy been banned for shilling these threads?

It's the Korea era. The youth are growing up on kpop and korean fashions. Young white kids are wishing they were born Korean instead of being born Japanese, webtoons are some of the lightest of the symptoms, and honestly they're more accessible than manga for a lot of people.

you read tthe same equal isekay for the 87th time

stop talking if you can only seethe

>tower of gook

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>0.9 birthrate in worst korean
kek not even koreans want to live in that feminist hellhole.

You are talking about manga right? Or do you just love that 99% of new manga is just soulless isekai or some other form of loser bait?

why can I tell that this was drawn by a Korean without having to check it

>nintendo shit
>ate the greatest shounen ever made

i pity you
because has soul and is not mass fast food

mordern manga art is all equal

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Because it looks like deviant art shit.

Basically this, they have like 5 templates for all the gookshit. In nipshit at least you have the current big thing like mecha and battle harems used to be and now isekaishit, but the rest at least have good variation.

>deviuan art
is so sad see people watch 0 quality moeshit and hate originality
tempalte for nipshit

Girl meet virgin looser


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