Does anime food taste better than real food?

Does anime food taste better than real food?

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Haven't tasted anime food yet

did you edit realistic lips on her face?
is this whole thread just a front for you to post the image with edited realistic lips?

that's just a jpeg compression mouth

Ayumi and Ai wear makeup in that episode

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holy fuck


They don't have lots of peanut butter choices in Japan? What kind of barbaric country is that?

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>they have dozens of kinds of items on display
Is... that not the norm?

We have soft serve peanut butter ice cream, but we don't have soft serve peanut butter machines. We should, though.

Not in Soviet Russia. I remember footage of Gorbachev visiting a US supermarket and being blown away at how full the shelves are and how many choices there were. You could see in that exact moment his realization that capitalism was the correct answer.

That's an adult with that child.

Anime everything is better than real anything

This user speaks the truth.

wow so much variety of goyslop all made by the same 5 corporations under different brand names


Anime food looks fucking amazing. I wish we had this IRL.

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For me, it's chunky peanut butter.

I think I know what she means. Fresh ground peanut butter machines. You buy nuts in bulk and dump them in like you were grinding coffee. The output does kind of look like soft serve.

Some grocery stores have them, but not most.

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Easy there goi

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all food tastes better when you aren't depressed

if you get your peanut butter from any source besides freshly ground peanuts you're ngmi