Hajime no Ippo 1393


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Why does Ricardo even care that Hippo is in the corner?

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he recognizes ippo and it's a call back to anj

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that boy...with the chair....

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dumb nigger posting pages during a dump

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finished, based woli going full harimao from the start

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Now this is the Woli boxing everyone knows and hates

Thanks OP

It's funny that as much of an insult Woli is to boxing, that's exactly why I'm looking forward to this nonsense.
I hope George can nail this fight.

Imagine if Woli immediately cornered himself and Ricardo just fucking slams him

A surprise cutting punch? The Hien or something like it? It's been so long, I don't remember if Hawk or Wali had something like it in their arsenal.
Thanks op. Ricardo is about to get memed on for the next couple of chapters.

I guess it's the corner meme punch that he used against Ippo and Vorg in their first spar since Vorg has already seen it