Made in Abyss


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Made in Abyss is a yuri manga.

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is it Regu who has a harem, or is it the harem that has a Regu?

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Regu is a part of my harem

>t. riko

>Riko suffering gruesomely and nearly dying
I sad

>Riko getting groped by horny tentacle monsters
I fap

Reg has a harem that consists of a zombie, a whistle, a fluffy hermaphrodite, and a monster with no pussy. Given her general attitude and typical Abyss insanity, it would not surprise me if Tepaste had literal Vagina Dentata.

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it's Riko's harem.

>if Tepaste had literal Vagina Dentata.
poor girl
Regu's body is hard, she'd break her teeth

Reg's Rod has been forged and tempered in the clenching furnace of the Great Cloacal Abyss of The Immortal Princess. He could probably punch holes through solid steel with his boner if he tried hard enough.

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they all belong to each other. it's a proper polyamorous cluster fuck.

thats really gay



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Never forget Eilu.

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not for Reg

I love my daughter Prushka so much bros...

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>4chin casually dropping my trip

>t. bon-bon

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Has Made in Abyss ever been referenced in other media?


Where are y'all watching the new episodes?

That Bondewd looks like a chad.

He made her the cutest girl in the show just to hurt us more.

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thats fluffdrewd.

In my living room