Imagine being 12.

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Pervert nun needs correction

alright guys spoil me
is the red suit guy strong?
are there finally stakes in this show?
will the pirate looking dude and the chick with the axe and the rest of adventurers survive this war?
>inb4 wait for next episode
now tell me

If I, an adult, turned into a body of a twelve year old boy, and had sex with a woman attracted to minors without her knowledge, which one would be the sex offender?

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dude just fucking read the wiki

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>are there finally stakes in this show?
Pfft nope. I don't think there's been a single named character from nazarick permanently killed yet

Consensual rape

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Just shapeshift into a little boy. Not that hard in their universe.

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How many twitter-reddit people did she break?

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Neither red suit guy nor the adventurers ever appear again.

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How can someone that beautiful have a blackened heart?

>Just as expected

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Because the only way for any of them to get permanently killed is to destroy the staff of AOG (they will all die) or somehow finding ECDL or DDL while not possessing WCI

>implying she isn't right

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None of them have ever been defeated either besides shaltear and the bug maid lol

Albedo and Demiurge are constantly losing against Ainz's intellect, so that's blatantly not true

>murderous jap commits warcrime because they destroyed a supply wagon of grain
>78% of his kingdom is undead


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Whoa! Where did you get that picture of me!

>the state of the entire known world has changed since then
World-building is not plot. The closest thing Overlord has to an overarching story or conflict is defeating the ones who brainwashed Shalltear. As of volume 16, Ainz still doesn't even know who did it. The plot hasn't advanced since volume 3.

>people of the cloth lusting after young boys
some things never change


if Ainz has kids (through magic or whatever) would the female NPC's act like this fool?

It was aid to the holy kingdom in their time of need.


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He learns who did it during volume 16

But ainz hate humans why dose he care that they dont get to eat grain
Its almost like he is just using it as an excuse to skin children alive!

and why was the holy kingdom in need of aid?

Tyrant Ainz!