Girl uses boku

>girl uses boku

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>trap uses boku

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Both boys that look like girls and girls that look like boys should use boku.
Boys that look like girls but start using atasi or something are disgusting, and girls that look like boys should simply always use boku.

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>tsundere oppai loli uses ore

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I don't recall the jew using boku

Hate it when girls do that.

Tomoe uses boku, but that's why this one is so good because it doesn't force it, there is no exposition and it sounds so natural.
I think the character only used it three times in the entire title or something, but never any other first person pronoun either, because the character mostly talks about books.
You, sir, have gay taste.


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>is 100 years old
>uses boku

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what do girls usually use?


>girl uses oresama

>girl uses ore

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>cat uses wagahai

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>girl uses washi

I liked this girl's tits

>girl uses warawa

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>girl uses warera

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>girl uses boku and dai/kai

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