Does anyone care part 2 of Stone Ocean is out tomorrow?

Does anyone care part 2 of Stone Ocean is out tomorrow?

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I care

Yeah, just so it ends and we get to part 7.

Part 7 is gonna look just as low budget and have the same shitty release schedule


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>CGI horses

binge scheduling doesn't do jojo any favors, episodes don't have time to settle and memes can't form

Me :)

I can't believe jojo is fucking dead

the 1 2 punch of a shitty manga ending + gross mishandling of the anime really just sucked the enthusiasm from everyone

part 1 is the first jojo i ever thought sucked. why does it feel so soulless? is the stone ocean manga this soulless? ill watch it anyway though

They really fucked up this part so bad. This is a clear example of how not to release an long anticipated show.

I will watch it, but I don't really look forward to it

the real highlight of part 6 is the ending and it'll take another eternity until those episodes come out...

This. I LIKED watching episodes week-by-week and checking reactions. An all-at-once dump just ruins that fun

Why would you want part 7 being adapted after seeing what they did to part 6?

Don’t blame Netflix. It only flopped because the main character is female.

>don't blame Netflix for Netflix's shitty release method or for there just happening to be a lot more CGI as soon as Netflix got involved

Part 6 is fundamentally bad, get over it. When they ruin Part 7 then we can blame Netflix.

I'll check it out. Honestly I don't see why so many people have such sour grapes about the adaptation of Stone Ocean. The anime is completely true to the manga, its just a fucking boring arc until the end.

> out tomorrow
I had no idea

I don't know where you people come from that ignore very obvious flaws in an adaptation and just say that it's because of the source.

>Does anyone care part 2 of Stone Ocean is out tomorrow?
I remember being obsessed with JoJo. I was in that one old thread that stayed alive for over a day 15+ years ago when Any Forums was the most active topical board. I got into scanlating to help the group out when they were behind on SBR. I got into fansubbing to do the series justice when gg was butchering it. I wrote a script to automatically fix the names in the horriblesubs rips (for my own use). I made edits to wiki and wikia articles so certain references overlooked by fan translators wouldn't be again. I did extensive research on the series and even considered publishing a book of annotations for the full series.
Literally don't give a fuck about the series now. Part 8 manga is shit. Part 4 anime is shit. Don't bother me about it anymore. I only like FGO now. Liz love.

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>obvious flaws

Which flaws are we talking about here because 90%-95% is beat for beat the manga. If its something trivial like Anasui being introduced as a male instead of his female alias then you're being a contrarian baby.