Times when the MC of a romcom got completely KEKED

Times when the MC of a romcom got completely KEKED

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why is she crying? she doesnt even like him.

She's gay for the girl

She should NTR the MC then

She's not the MC, just a bait like Itsuki.

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They always enjoy punishing and hurting lesbians for being gay, don't they?
Why do they get off on this?

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But that has to happen if she is going to win at the end. No early winner is a real winner.

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This isn't has pathetic as Nino but man did this spread make me chuckle.

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Never read Ichigo 100%, eh?

I will read your manga now Miki.

You had to keep pushing it, didn't you Ninofags?


Faggots here think love hina invented romcom, even though Jump had lots of good ones, or even Sunday

>Faggots here think love hina invented romcom
More like 5 Toubun. That's where all the Cuckoo fags came from.

Ain't over until the fat lady sings. Anyway that's way too mild for WSM's standards.

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Same vibes.

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>Google search
>Title of the manga says it's about kekholdry
>OP acts like it's supposed to be a twist

Best girl Hiro won

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