Chainsaw Man

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middle right :)

I agree with the black haired woman. He saved one cat but destroyed buildings where there might have been several other cats (pets in general)

Top left is right.

>ummm i'd rather our young people go to die in horrible battle than have our national security handled by an invincible god

Not depicted: I just don't care. I don't hate it as long as there aren't CSM fags entering my threads to shill their series which the admittedly do from time to time. Not as annoying as HxH faggots though, at least not yet.

Fujimoto didn't draw that chapter.

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So when is Power coming back to marry Denji?

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>every single reaction is either a baseless assumption about his personality, a batshit conspiracy theory, or simple-minded praise
>no one bringing up the most obvious conspiracy theory which is he's an unofficial black ops Devil Hunter or at least working with Devil Hunters directly
>no one is curious about his secret identity when he could be walking among them anytime, anywhere

I like Fuji for doing this but the execution is poor.

general public don't know about hybrids...

at the very end of the story

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Fujimoto's characters look like they're rotoscoped

>Denjis future wife

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>Chainsaw man kills devils
>he hunts them down
>like some he's kind of Devil Hunter
>also Sanctioned Devil Hunters never interfere when Chainsaw Man is fighting a Devil
>almost like he's being used like a deterrent by them since his fights mean less Devil Hunters have to die

Someone in the entirety of Japan would think this and don't need to know about hybrids to do that.

This, artstyle doesn't feel like his.
He is phoning it at this point


What will be the next big thing after Chainsaw Man?

Shisa will be his girlfriend, not Jobru, Jobrufag.

Denji's future wife*

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Pic related.

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>Denji's future friend with benefits

Evil women seducing morally decent men by taking advantage of their kind nature and fucking them is my fetish

sorry i posted the wrong pic

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It looks like his oneshots you secondaries

Whoops. Wrong pic.

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Death should possess a cute twink so we can have yaoi kino again

It looks like the latest one, the one which he didn't draw

wow holy shit reading this manga weekly sucks
im probably just gonna wait for it all to be done and read it in one sitting like i did with part 1 because these waits for chapters are fucking with my enjoyment of them a lot

I wish yoru took over Asa and you were actually right since even though she is a jobber she is entertaining unlike Asashit. I am just not in denial like you are.

How this got an anime is beyond me. It's good but nothing that justifies an adaptation

She gave him some of her blood. She's inside him forever now. Best outcome.

Can someone tell me why i become more and more feel disdain to undead unluck each time i read new chapter?
I used to loved this thing, it was amazing to me, now i just want it to end.

We know, Fujimoto. No need to hide behind a spoiler.

hontou ni, fujimoto san... hontou ni

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I read this manga since chapter 2.
Reading it weekly doesn't suck. Its just that this arc fucking sucks.

weird, reading chainsaw man as its ongoing has always been my favourite thing.

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It hasn't been created yet.

in english, weeb.

Part 2 sucks. Reading part 1 weekly didn't suck.

Devils hunters and government make contracts with devils all the time to kill other devils.
The popular public theory would be something around that rather than some "mystical man that can switch between a devil and human form"
>Someone in the entirety of Japan would think
The interview only picked a bunch of random people.

昨日 (きのう) reads kinou
Learn at least kana

>I wish yoru took over Asa and you were actually right since even though she is a jobber she is entertaining unlike Asashit.
Asa is not that bad though, she has an evil side to her that we havent seen yet, so just have patience

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Who is Yoshida working for? Also how much time has passed between parts 1 and 2? I’m guessing like 4 months.

She will be back anyway.

How much porn will there be till the new chapter releases?

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I read it because the cover remind me of denji.
Turn out it's a different beast.
It's on hiatus, so don't bother to read it...

>Who is Yoshida working for?
it has to be kishibe right?

2 weeks with nothing to distract the fujos from a chapter consisting entirely of Denji and Yoshida, so probably an uncomfortably large amount.


Popping Teen aki's cherry
Then having him impregnate me

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neither did i.

user, even i know that doesn't mean kino.
i know it because there's a nip website where they translate Any Forums csm threads and the owner have to explain what kino means.