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I fucking love this series so much.

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It really exists,a series with nothing but likeable characters,plot and art.

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I kneel

Enjoying your first day here so far?

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Been here since 2009 and definitely older than you and have watched more series than you.Fag.

And yet you get your manga pages from KnowYourMeme (likely from Google Images) and didn't know about Hellsing? Quite unlikely.

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I gotta know who's ass this is

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Saucenao, yandex, and google return nothing for me. What is that page from ?

the shota with a magic voice in his head from nd invisible onee-san goddess ai that helps him

Are you sure that's the title ? I can't find anything with this, can you give another page or the original title please ? I'm sorry if I'm being an idiot

Rebuild World.

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