The one with the biggest butt wins

The one with the biggest butt wins

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that's what killing bites is

Utter garbage.

>Cheetah beats rhino cuz muh superior speed

She does have a nice butt

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Sex Ratel Booty

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*fluffiest pubes

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why was there never a thicc cow girl in this show

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God I want Hitomi to hurt me

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not thicc or a cow girl

Sex the Ratel maid doggystyle

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based based based based based

the biggest butt won

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Imagine getting slashed during sex by Hitomi

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I'd tame the hoor

Nobody who posts on Any Forums stands a chance against Hitomi

>the one with the wettest pussy wins
what did she mean by this?

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ill be honest guys, i usaly dont like these supper horny manga/anime and i find then kinda trashy (ironic considering i'm a full blown degenerat) but killing bites really got me horny