One Piece

I think the toon force thing is dumb

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Don't worry it expired already. Film Red happens post Wano and Gear 5 was in serious mode there.

there is a man shaped like an egg. He has a kick attack called Legs Benedict. This is not a show grounded in taking itself seriously.

I think you are immature

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me too but smoothbrain oda folllowers dont want to admit it

no u

And i know for a fact that YOU are DUMB

good for you you filthy coomer

Oda followers love everything he does, toonforcechads hate nika, hate wano, and mostly hate post timeskip

It's a way for Oda the Hack to keep half-assing the fights and especially the art, since Oda is a bellow amateur hack that can't draw anatomy right even after 20 years of trying.

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>and especially the art,
has oda given up ?

>the toon force thing is dumb

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That's normal and accepted widely,remember there are people who are trying to undermine Mihawk just because they enjoy suffering and being retarded.Some of the faggots in these threads are world champions at mental gymnastics and cope

you are now watching dragon ball z

i love dragon ball z

damn I thought this was a One Punch Man thread, I'm high as fuck. But somehow I can do the captcha wtf

kek no fucking way

How much of the shit art is Oda? Or is it actually just his assistants being shit?

Don't worry, Oda has made Zoro just for you.