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This week's TOC

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Frieren hiatus

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Rumic cosplayer

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Nice Mao this week

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Careful, mod seethes over real women.

The website has a couple of new wallpapers.

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Is there any magazine Enako hasn't appeared in?

one love

Why are the threads so dead?
I thought it was the lack of new series but a dozen new series didn't change much.
Some claimed it was the lack of translations but translations for Golden Spiral or Mikadono Sisters didn't change anything.

it need a website like mangaplus.

Other magazines have threads without that garbage.

I used to frequent these threads but I miss them sometimes
I think people just don't know about any of the series from WSS on a level mainstream enough level to think of it as a collective brand like WSJ

Ariadne is ending soon

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Golden Spiral Chapter 19: Musical chairs

>Blurb: Volumes 1 and 2 will be released in two consecutive months! Volume 2 comes out September 15th (Thursday)!
>Blurb: Main characters profiles! This time, it's Lily!

>Graph, clockwise from top: Power, Speed, Technique strength, Body strength, Creativity

>Lily (29) - Born June 2nd - Blood type A - Escort Commander

>The Commander of the Escorts' "Lily Squad". Detests lies. He also has a doctor's qualifications, being the foremost hypnotherapist in the kingdom. Can often see through the lies of others. He is searching for the "Scythe Angel" that killed his wife. His Magu is "Gleipnir". His specialty is hypnotherapy. Loves his wife. Hates liars.

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>The final test, the "Treasure Hunt".
>Hint number 1: "The cave of the quadruplet rocks".

>This is it, then? (Those look like quadruplet rocks)
>Blurb: The treasure that Biao found is...

>*Clang* *Clang*

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>What are you up to?

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