Tokyo Revengers 267 - O MY FUTURE VISION™

For those still reading here is your chapter dump

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it's not really a rubber nen moment when the future vision was established aeons ago. It's gotten stronger now, probably because Mikey is fucking dead and Takemichi is stuck in the past, the future is catching up to him

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NO NO NO NO Your arm should be fucking shattered, Mikey is stronger then Baji who could break concrete as a 13 year old, This is bull shit.

But user, monkey has been training his defense by getting beaten up all these times.


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>How does he predict that I'm trying to kick him in the head every single time?

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Takemitchy BLANCO soon.

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Why is he trying so hard for the genocidal teenager again?


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The LIGHT impulsivity?

If the author was honest, it's because he's a pedo and has wanted to fuck mikey for too many years.

More Takemichi wank. Gary Stu ass MC

Thx OP

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