So user, you'll be making your own manga now right ?

so user, you'll be making your own manga now right ?
what would it be about ?

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struggle for existence

personally, I'll try to do something similar to Fukumoto's work, a gambling story in hell, tho I still need someone that knows how to draw properly...

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god bless user, I hope it'll be similar to Kurosawa

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mods should just let one thread stay up, there's clearly interest in discussing it.

it's going to be filled with ugly jewish "art".
dead before it even starts.

Uhhhhhh isekai or something.


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>filled with ugly art

I might try to come up with a 5-6 chapter thing, and even that is gonna be an undertaking for me. I tend to lose motivation quickly with my relative lack of art skill.

by "any person" they mean any person from japan, right? otherwise it's not manga

Are they trying to one up webtoon or what?

some look really interesting, especially when you it just lunched

They have to since the webtoon format has overtaken them.

I will create the most generic harem isekai ever

don't give up user, I'm sure it'll be excellent so don't lose motivation so easily
probably the reason why yeah

Same situation here bro.

I had a friend who could draw pretty decently that accepted to be an artist for my manga, but he stepped out of it due to his personal life.
And now I'm waiting to find someone else, but I don't really know where to find someone without me having previous work to show, and without giving them thousands of dollars of payment for their work in advance

don't display your negative IQ so proudly


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well there's still a lot that at least look decent in the front page

Are there preferred dimensions for these? I'm not seeing any requirements anywhere.

I'll make the loosers slice of life
Constant failure with little to no success

This has decent art considering it was created by one person.

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bro your comipo?

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>spic pimp language
What did they mean by this?

Hot damn, free labor!

I don't remember comics being manga

This is neat but not really Any Forums. A platform for foreign creators is nice for those foreign creators, it has only an at best tangential relevance to Any Forums. And I say that as somebody who has already uploaded my stuff to the site, and having posted my stuff on Any Forums. Mods have made it clear that Any Forums is not for user created works (apparently ignoring those two guys who shill their shit here and their threads stay up for hours), so don't be surprised if they cull these threads on sight soon.

Anyway should this platform attract actually skilled western up-and-coming authors, and it'll need to to survive, then I hope nice reads come of it. Right now it's just people uploading shit they already had that have also been uploaded everywhere else.

I hope you'll find the person you need then, personally I have friends that could help with that tho it's probably going to end by them giving up since it's not their project

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dunno. im not even spicmerican.

the fuck is that

>I don't remember comics being manga
see user, even a dumbass like could see the differences between the two

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I'll probably make one if I learn to draw decently.
Some non-isekai, non-rpg fantasy if I actually get any decent idea for it

I'd like to make something but my drawing is indistinguishable from a child's. Doesn't help that all inspiration leaves my head as soon as the pencil meets the paper.

manga dimensions, so 24:17 preferably
like nagatoro ?
good luck with that then user

I want to draw a suffering porn manga about an immortal loli set in a pre-00's world but I can't write good enough to make half a decent plot for it even if it's just going to be a fetish thing.

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