Isekai Meikyuu de Harem

This is unironically a pretty good show

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Just another isekai

Its pretty funny that he has little to no qualms about absolutely getting up in that beast girl pussy right after he buys her.

no fooling around, no "im not sure i can do this" just straight up taking her clothes off and fucking her brains out every night

After he killed a bunch of "people" in their sleep, I am not sure how having consensual sex with her is surprising.

The only isekai chad

Man, i missed high quality harems, even if everything is isekai now. I need something to fill a hole monmusu left

It's so bad I stopped watching the whole episode and just skipped straight to the sex scenes. I'll probably do this until the last episode.

Stop lying to yourself. It's only good for the sex scenes. It will soon be completely forgotten.

It’s a bit more boring than I remember the manga being, but not terrible.

Thia shit sucks. No Paizuri.

i want to see roxanne getting cucked

The anime has done a shit job explaining the bonus point system (Michio just kind of jizzes out super powers). They should have done it in episode 2 instead of the "what if" story thing they did. I hope the anime gives a publishing company like J-Novel Club or something incentive to start translating the LNs. The manga is still probably the best way to experience this story though.

It does at least some parts of the daily life better.

Yeah it's weird how this season is PACKED full of fantasy isekai with RPG menu shit (even more than usual) yet the one with porn has the most fleshed out worldbuilding.
I guess because it's not afraid to explore sex and murder that everything feels like it has more weight. Consequences are real and apply to everyone. Even with the RPG menus it ends up feeling less like a video game and more into a normal fantasy story.

I can't believe I'm hearing Akarin~~ getting pounded by literallyme-kun.

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>PACKED full of fantasy isekai with RPG menu
There is only 6 isekai anime this season, while there more than 30 anime that are not
You isekai haters are the most retarded faggots on Any Forums even below dbs spics

Porn was the only reason to watch

We aren't even going to get to the house at this rate.

He rented the house last episode.

I guess I should stop skimming the episodes then.

You didn't realize they had sex in a different place?

I scrub through in less than 3 seconds and if it's boring I don't watch it.