So user, you're making you're own manga right ??

So user, you're making you're own manga right ??

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how did I fucked this bad

>fucked up
I'm tired

I might. I have a hard time coming up with something I’d be able to draw with my current skill level, that I also wouldn’t be bored of.

So can you upload right to left like a real manga?

Nah I'm bad with drawing even simple bodies

So is this going to be like uh.. YouTube for manga?

good luck with that user, I'm sure you can make it.

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Yeah it'll be a crudely drawn meta narrative about shonen that comes off as above it all while never transcending even the lowest quality manga in the genre

Unless you're Japnese you can only make a comic

Can I just steal some old twitter manga and post it as my own?

You'e making Mob Psycho?

>being this dumb and proud about it

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Can't wait for the poorly drawn coom that's gonna show up here.

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Isn't manga just comic?

it is.

>hire a japanese person
>publish under her name

It’s not hard. Japanese person is now profiting from you apropriating her culture making it moraly acceptable.

I think I'm rather good at writing stories, but I suck at drawing. So no, I am not writing a manga.

>you're making you're own manga right ??
once I get my hands on a 4090 ti I will

>apropriating her culture
no such thing is real

So can you actually make money with this?

if you get a certain amount of likes, you get paid and published in the real Manga Plus yes.

You can. From what I can tell though, there could be a danger of a few well known creators making all the money. It's too new that I'm not really certain.

I draw but can't write for shit. Let's team up.

>people thinking that comics and maga are the same
>those same people are posting and spending time on a manga forum
>they even read manga, probably lots of them
>still not able to see the difference
Am I having an aneurysm ???

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This is actually big. More chances for foreigners to have their own anime.