Anime eras

Which era has the best anime titles by your opinion?
70s? 80s? 90s? etc.

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70s > 2000s > early '10s > rest

the 2370's by a parsec margin

anime actually gets worse the older you go.

00s. Evangelion really changed the industry, giving rise to a whole decade of bold experiments.
Early '10s also good, and the 20s look like the beginning of the worst decade so far.

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70s > 00s > 60s > 10s

GTO>all other manga

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For all the money i spent on japs cartoon books I could've bought fucking pontiac GTO

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2010s had the relatively more creative Animus

Every anime era has good and bad

00s because yosuga no sora.

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Late 80s and early 90s > late 90s and early 00s > late 70s and early 80s > early 70s and earlier > late 00s > early 10s > modern anime.
Anyways, even at the bottom of the list there are some interesting things.

haven't seen enough 70s or earlier to have an opinion

what was good in the 70s? I've only done the 80s+...

Only Ashita no Joe but pretending to like amateurishly produced episodic cartoons for children makes you one of the cool kids

Captain Harlock was alright but that's all I have seen from 70s