Tokyo Mew Mew

Today is Mewsday

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Boy am I sure glad we get ANOTHER Aboreyama episode!

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Alright MewMews, episode's about to air.

This isn't tickets to a save the planet event...

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A little basic with the stickers

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What a shift

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Time to meet the bf.

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They are kind of cute together.

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Alright, who is responsible?

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Cute Minto

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Obviously the man in the picture, Zakuro

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What perfect Engrish

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Oh fug

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>Ekususe mi, sir. Woud yu rike some pinwirs?

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They're just concert tickets!

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For some reason the animation on the glob seems like it's from 20 years ago.

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Not looking too hot there Aoyama

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I feel like Zakuro could have handled the whole situation herself.

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She just wants to be a team player

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Well, it certainly was an episode

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why is the compositing in recent shows so fucking bad

Alright, kissing episode next week.

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