>when you make a religion worshipping you by giving a cute girl a bow you had laying around

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First for my wife shallCUTEtear.

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I think I accidentally had sex with your wife.

First for my wife the Faceless One!

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does anyone else think mad house has nailed the animation so far? I can't be the only one right?

PS Should've moved a mole here to make it more obvious
Looks like it.
At the very least the difference in power is undeniable.



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>PS Should've moved a mole here to make it more obvious

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Where is the V16 summary?

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On reddit.
Considering that we're getting the full volume roughly next month, I don't want to make it easy for people to spoil their fun.

Thank you

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new ep when

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13 minutes ago
new char too

They really fucked this part up in the LN, it was so close too, where just maybe a page or two could have transformed it from schizo nu ainz just genociding to not be embarassed to kingdom destroying themselves due to their incompetence.

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>We Mecha anime now
I'm genuinely speechless.

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did you skip the opening or did you miss the fact you could see that guy with a flying armor and an AA autocannon?

Would a lvl 100 skeleton warrior also be called Overlord or that's something unique to a skeleton mage only?

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Probably not, it's a "controller" class just by going by the name alone so a skeleton general without magic or a mage that can control or summon other undead might be an overlord but a warrior not. They probably had a different class for peak warrior type skeletons as a result like a deathlord or something.

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I did.
The guy who I'm responed to somehow failed to notice an autonomous AI dressed in a camo with a FAMAS-looking rifle that was here for the whole runtime.
This is the most impressive feat of speedreading or speedwatching that I've ever witnessed.

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So close Ainz-sama. If you try hard enough, I am sure you will be able to eat it.

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Also this guy obviously has never played Might and Magic.



Brain is such a bro. Easily my favourite character.

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>overlord has no st-
Stakefags btfo

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I can't believe Maruyama caved in for stakesfags and put stakes in the story baka

Revenant would've been one of those classes, for sure.

So besides jobbin to Bones™
What do they add to the story?

Those aren't steaks

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I can certainly beat my meat to the priestess.
That's something.

Best girl. How can Nazarick broads even compete?

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