Chainsaw Man

new chapter in 2 hours

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Based hypechad dabbing on janny wannabes

>You don't understand Asa, we NEED to have sex with Chainsaw Man so I can get nukes back

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terrible SHITbeni thread

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>T-minus 105 minutes until the AsaShida Apocalypse

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What is this butthurt about hype? Niggas have you been here during part 1?

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Please dont ruin this chapter


cautiously optimistic

I will commit suicide today if birds don't appear

why do you faggots flood this board so much?

Another SOL chapter

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CHADJI BROS [email protected]?

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It's all Asafag cope

cautiously birdmistic
dont commit auto birdcide please user

Will they be a thing?

>What is this butthurt about hype?
shitsatards are upset part 1 characters are btfoing her and jobrus jobbing streak

I will do it sister, Fujimoto will have my blood on xer hands

nayutadaddies are we ready to win this chapter


血 暴力 死


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no way bro say it ain't so

I wonder how good the head was?

idolchads... i kneel


Holy shit Aldobros we are back!

Not a noun you retarded himenofaggot

>not a single chapter leak
It's over

Blood Violence Death?

I dont get it

Leak here

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Stop trying to make this into a thing faggot. It's never gonna catch on.

DAMN, Yoshida looks like that?

>transitioned Yoshida
It's actually over

Perfect voice for when she revives as Nayuta

I got your leak right here buddy

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bucky-san?? b-but how????

Her voice with strong character

We love Asa here.

We hate Asa here

Anons in the last dump thread told me to post two pages at a time since the paneling flows better that way, are you ok with this?


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We love Yoru here.

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Bucky status?

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Only if it's an action heavy chapter with more than 30 pages


OOC as hell

He’s been Bucky broken.

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90% of csm art is ooc

Are you ready for you 20 page chapter, user?

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this isnt even the same pose lmao

War doesn't know anything about human society which is why she keeps Asa alive, but apparently knows what a boyfriend is?

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It's the worst with Yoru

just listen to the song

more like dollar store kobeni

Devils have romantic relationships too, see Bat and Leech

>tfw just found out Asa means "morning" and Yoru means "night" in japanese



dont mix your amerifat shit with this japanese master piece pls, you ill ruin it like you amerifats always do. thanks

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chainsaw man canonically denied the holocaust out of existence

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looking at her picture there theres no way she didnt simp for this role because "oh my god shes totally me.jpg"

I would