Edens Zero chapter 205

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I hate rebecca

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We know, Ziggy.

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Forgot the link: cubari.moe/read/imgur/OBBG04D/1/1/

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He's lying of course

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More ryona
More ptsd
More mindbreak

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Cheers. Some more Kleene coming hopefully, I've been waiting patiently. Getting in early with the cope but I think she'd have used her wind here to cushion the impact of both the punch and landing. Maybe even use her Wind Cage magic from earlier and trap herself or something, she's a clever girl, she'll work it out.

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>Getting in early with the cope
user, this is Homura-tier death.
It's obvious she won't die especially when Shiki survived a nuke before.

Yeah nah I agree. The others inside Crow are fucked if she doesn't figure something out too. She's got this.

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Sasuga Ziggy-sama

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