Code Geass

How come stupid shit like Katawa Shoujo and DDLG get like 5 thousand general threads in a row, but a Geass thread dies within the hour?

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Doghi Doghi Lideradure Glub

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You can probably thank the shit movie for that

Easy, CG is dogshit.

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You must be blind, we have had a few longer CG threads. It's simply an older show though.

You have it backwards, since most people like the movie, especially in Japan.

>most people like the movie, especially in Japan
>source: my ass
The movie is fucking garbage, and every CG thread since it came out is proof of that

This feels like a joke from a decade ago. I love it.

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It's fine if you don't like it, user, but you're in the minority.

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are you salty that nobody came to sing with you, OP?

Do people even discuss the actual topic in those generals, though, or are they just using them to hang out?

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Why are you comparing a board that is intended for constant generals with Any Forums? Besides, Geass content is on the downturn ever since the 3rd movie. Not much to discuss until the new stuff comes out, since everything else has been discussed to death ages ago.

This is just as valid as the last time you tried to use it in an argument, which is not very at all. The movie is shit, and the reason every CG thread since it came out degenerates into a ridiculous war between the very vocal shippers who liked it and the people who didn't.

>since most people like the movie, especially in Japan
Only in Japan* the movie was ignored in the west because in this case western fans have higher standards than the drooling gatcha drones that make up the Japanese CG fanbase.

>western fans have higher standards
rumao even

>the movie was ignored in the west
Mostly ignored* by anyone who isn't a shipfaggot

So why was it shit? You say it like it's a fundamental truth but never validate your claim. Are you trolling or do you have shit taste AND an ego?

>never validate your claim
Because this claim has been validated in a good number of threads, already. If you need more proof, you're either a newfag who's never been in one of those, or the target audience for the movie.

It's fine, really. Some folks just get super butthurt about it and need to scream at everyone else.

Code Geass discussion won't pick up until new content for it comes out.

It's a good movie as a fan story, autists wrongly think it continues the series despite extensive effort to make it clear it's a separate thing

but i want to talk about the show itself

Once a show finishes airing it never gets that kind of spotlight again. Particularly on Any Forums where it is 100% true even for masterpieces.

Or some people simply see it as a huge middle finger to everything that made the original series what it was, and the shippers who got their fantasy made canon will dismiss any sort of criticism about it as butthurt

You had to be here during 2006-2008

>good movie as a fan story
even the gacha has better characterization that this movie