See you at the food court tomorrow is resuming next week

See you at the food court tomorrow is resuming next week

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>Manga written by a tranny

I've heard about it coming back like 10 times by now.

I guess the yaoi stuff didn't go so well

Pls say it isn’t true

someone needs to beat the shit out of wada

Only Yamamoto is allowed to do that.

>believing any tranny accusation made on Any Forums

Take your meds.

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Rent free

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Wada needs rape correction.

>boring manga carried entirely by the girls designs
Who gives a fuck.

Pronebone sex with Wada

I missed the other 8 times

Dagashi Kashi is just that and it got 2 seasons of anime.

Dagashi Kashi has better designs and somehow manages to be less boring. The premise had enough momentum at least in the start.

Cry moar, faggot.
Not everyone cares about your stupid culture war bullshit

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Someone needs to fuck the shit out of Yamato
Preferably me

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And this is an issue because..?

Her name is Yamamoto you dunce

Someone should tell her to wear a bra.

I thought this got cancelled?

sex with wada

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She does


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It went on indefinite hiatus because the author was pissed off that this got more popular than any of his more original manga.