>Miura's death and Mori taking over means we probably will never get Mordussy arc where she softens and thirsts after Guts' massive cock
this sucks

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>no more Usumgalu boy butt.
It hurts.
Oh and Mord shouting Guts name as she gets bred and bear Guts child.

Imagine how much better she would look if he drew her in 1998

why is there so little morda porn?

there is little Berserk porn, period
it's also an old as fuck seinen running for 30+ years with problematic (for modern times) shit like rape, misogyny and stuff and most modern porn artist are zoomers and young millenials who refuse to acknowledge shit like this

why are you so thirsty for other man's cock?
zoomers and millenials are THE audience for Berserk.

they are the pseudo audience
they pretend to love it but if they got their hands on it they would just change literally everything about it
if they made an adaptation they would remove all female rape and have Casca regain consciousness by herself instantly after Eclipse because she's a stronk womyn and then have her kick Griffith in the balls instead of the Rickert slap moment

>zoomers and millenials are THE audience for Berserk.
but they're fucking pussies and millenials are partly to blame because they decided that edgyness in the 2000's is cringe
it's also why Any Forums watches cartoons for babies

>are partly to blame because they decided that edgyness in the 2000's is cringe
Berserk was always going to become more high fantasy with time. According to interviews and later Mori confirming it, the plot so far is exactly what Miura planned since beginning with almost no variations, it's also why they decided that they will just continue to do what Miura told them would happen

so far the chapters are really lower quality than what Miura did mostly because they lack plot details (when did Schierke did the out of body thing with magic and what happened to Farnese and Schierke when Griffith approached them to get Casca?)

if this continues then this will be just a very loose and lacking picture slideshow showing "what would happen more or less later in the plot"

Underage nigger

have Japanese hentai artists really changed that much?

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I suspected she might go for Serpico, but I guess Miura wouldn't miss an opportunity to expand Guts' harem

rob liefield made edginess cringe.

you need to go back

to realize how underage Berserk fans are you just need to see that many think Morda will unironically turn evil
she's really no more bratty than Ivalera and since she's a witch, she knows what the God Hand are and who Griffith really is and what dealing with them would entail, no way she would ever side with them

It hurts. She's the hottest girl

It's the other way around actually. Berserk doesn't objectify their female characters and reduce them to sexual objects like most manga do.
Everyone draws Fubuki naked because she's a dumb slut with huge tits and nothing else. Her role in the story is to make you horny.
Farnese on the other hand actually feels like a real person with flaws and ideals so it's not as easy to turn her into a sex symbol.
You can see this with other popular media too. Why is there so much Simpsons porn but so little King of the Hill porn? Same reason.

Morda's big butt!

I think that as well, unfortunately.

Hell, we might not even see that much panels with her smiling in a slutty way and exposing her beautiful titties.

What's more, looks aside, I liked her personality. She brought something fresh to the party.

>She brought something fresh to the party.
She's just a big Ivalera, personality wise. So far we didn't see her abilities much aside from broom flying and summoning the wicker man (which was already prepared by her master).
What would probably happen is that once she set off with the rest she would just see that outside world actually dangerous and probably softened her demeanor.
Still without Miura's writing we probably will never see that. Say whatever you want about the guy, but he had real talent at writing human characters and how they develop. His weakest one is arguably Isidro because he barely develops and Chestnut Puck, but that is more because his role is really sidelined and taken over by other characters, especially Schierke.

>morda thread

What did Miura meant by this?

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