Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush

Raws out so I finally got to watch it (since it airs around 1am of my time zone and I don't always survive for that long)

The music was awesome this episode.
Rovian is pretty cool.

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“Deck Modification Pack: Double Star of the Assault”, which contains cards used by principal characters in the animated series “Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!” is currently confirmed for release on January 7th, 2023. Not only does it include “Yu-Gi-Oh!! Rush Duel” original cards, but it also includes cards from the “Official Card Game” that have been imported into “Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel”! Also, the new rarity introduced in November 2022, “Over Rush Rare”, will be included with a new illustration of an existing monster that represents the feel of Rush Duels!

デッキ改造パック 強襲のダブルスター!! Deck Modification Pack: Double Star of the Assault!!
Release Date: January 7th, 2023
Contents: 66 Different Cards + 1 Additional Card
Price: 165 Yen per pack of 5 Cards; 15 Packs per Box

Note: The Assault here refers to the kind meaning to assault a fortress, or raid or storm somewhere.

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Look at how flat she is. Goddamn that's hot.

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I love her design, it's very pleasant to look at.
Red hair version is better though.


I ate 'em.

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nowhere to be found.

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Sex with (Jobber) Yuamu.

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Hope Yuna gets to be cool at least one more time before being permanently reduced to the fangirl gag character she really is.

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Right before zwijo beats her down.


Unironically I forget he's even a character sometimes with how removed the current arc is from him.

The dark galaxy guy.
Voidvelgr Tyrfing
Equip Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] You can equip this to 1 face-up DARK Galaxy monster you control.
[EFFECT] The equipped monster gains 400 ATK and its attacks pierce.

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but no one could beat red rovian anyway.

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You'll root for her next week right user?

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She's gonna lose.


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Good morning Wife!

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Manya will win. I'm 100% sure of it.

And this will lead into the reveal that she's actually 40 like mimi.

Mimi is VERY mature.

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That's impossible. Unless Yuamu's a cake too

Mimi is cute.

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VERY cute.

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>The absolute state of yugioh