Boku no Hero Academia

Why didn't All Might kill him? Why does only Endevor have balls to kill villains? Id it because nobody likes him in Japan?

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>Is it

All Might is a retard.

he punched his head off. he thought he did.

>dude just use a gun lmao

what the FUCK was Bones THINKING?

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>slutty pose
>costume ripped around pits
they know

They always knew, its the main income of this franchise.

Really makes you think

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anyone have the colored page of afo stealing the cape and the quirk?

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her outfit looks like nagant's

when the raws came out I thought it was her at first glance

>this giant fucked Inko
Just imagining the porn is already hilarious.

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i need it

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>literally more than twice as tall as that random pro

For being japanese he's fucking massive.

for being anyone he's fucking massive. he's like almost 7 and a half feet tall.

True, it just particularly stands out due to how scrawny japs are by default, ontop of being a first gen quirk, so that shits all natural and not inherited from some mutant or god knows what, he just got all the bulk his frail ass brother lacked.

He is massive even for Netherlands or Iceland. Probably a stolen quirk

I doubt it unless his first ever stolen quirk belonged to a greek god, he looked pretty big in the flashbacks aswell.


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