Is this normal behavior between bros?

is this normal behavior between bros?

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Yes it is. If you never groped your bros' tushy for fun then you're missing out in life, OP.

yeah as long as you say no homo at the end

Once, a friend of mine smacked my ass as a joke and my ass jiggled a lot and he said "Whoa, not even my girlfriend's ass jiggles that much". That shit hurt my pride as a straight man

Man, that'a fucking gay.

Yes but only with one hand.

Looks like normal locker room shenanigans to me.

Your friend sounds more gay than being gay, jeez

What's the sauce

How is this any different form hetero sexual girls foundling each other's breasts?

Did he at least kiss you on the lips as an apology? Wouldn’t be much of a bro if he didn’t.

bros i want a boyfriend so bad

woah there dude, getting a bit gay
but how about a brofriend

When you secretly (want to) fuck, it is.

>getting a bit gay
yes, and? i wanna suck his cock and lick his nipples.

saucenao is useless, spoonfeed me

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It's "Spill it Cocktail Knights"
It's canceled. It's about a Reverse Trap magical girl, and her best friend who realized she's a magical girl(and a girl in disguise) because he recognized her ass.

Yandex is your friend


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While true, the author has been putting out new content since the axe happened. He doesn't give a fuck.

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Got it, thankies.
Fuck, nips really do have no taste. That premise sounds absolutely delicious.
What the hell kind of slavic black magic are they running? It's uncanny a black-and-white crop like this can get pulled.

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OG googke search 10 years ago was even better

Just two dudes (1) (female) doing dude things. Nothing to see here!

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Bless the manga for continuing to post chapters. I'm glad Jellyfish finally got some action and what an ending too.
Truly, Love > Lewd.

Sora is just getting some revenge.

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Stop posting that filth!

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