If you had an isekai childhood friend would you be loyal or betray?

If you had an isekai childhood friend would you be loyal or betray?

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>girl is willing to abandon her own sister for a dance party
That's pretty fucked up.

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Childhood friends always lose.

Where are you reading this? I can't find translation anywhere

Need not!Supergirl gf

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Have you tried nyaa?

>is what some say depending on religious creed
Immersion lost.

This sounds like the dispassionate comments of a guy on the beliefs of a far away country, not a guy explaining aspects of the culture of his own society.

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It's either not translated or not even there

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>I'm sure that if it's translated, then it will be under this exact string, and I refuse to use a shorter string with a few keywords that I have actual confidence in
You have only yourself to blame.

>Make MC that's not dense
>Give him harem
>But doesn't want to make the novel about MC fucking his harem all the time
>Solve it by making MC and his harem 10 years old
The author is a genius

Depends on what you define as betraying.

Ight that worked, my regards

>>But doesn't want to make the novel about MC fucking his harem all the time
Better option is to just not focus on it, acknowledging it only enough for it not to be ambiguous,

Just have it in the background, with one chapter for each harem member if you want.
It's really not that hard.

Also, "they aren't fucking because they're 10, and that's... just...!" is a terrible justification.
If they are sexually interested in one another, they'll experiment.

Making the cast as sexually immature as the person writing it seems like a reasonable solution

user, at what earlier age did you get a boner for the first time?

It can be made the focus of a chapter or two the first time with someone and maybe occasionally getting that much again if there's a good reason for it. Any other times it could be left as a sentence or two mentioning it happened or that it will later offscreen.

Immaturity does not prevent sex. You are not solving shit.
If you want to have a good reason why no sex is happening, remove romance.

If you want an acceptable reason why no sex is happening, add plot.
>we can't have sex because her father will literally murder me
>we can't have sex because a witch stole my dick and is using it to fuck her sisters, and I'll have to master magic in order to defeat her and take it back (hopefully before I have dozens of babies with these witch sisters)
>we can't have sex because a turtle king carried her to one of his castles and I am not sure which
>we can't have sex because we haven't unlocked that functionality in this shitty MMO yet

Around that age. But even if pen0s does not go into vag00, if two naked children are kissing each other all over, that will qualify as sex to most folks.

The primary reason why kids don't engage in that sort of stuff isn't that they can't, but that they are not interested. But a "harem" implies interest.

Is it straight up /ss/ or are all of his harem members also ten?

>be loyal or treacherous?

Nah, the WN and LN shouldn't have any, but then the manga and anime should basically be porn.

I guess evolving won't work in this setting.

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