Shine Post

Why does Kyouka wink so much? And why does she love cheeseburgers? Finally, would KyoUka be your idol?

Also, we're back from our break this week. Episode airs tonight.

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Momiji episode today!

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Kyouka is for Touka

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So Hotaru is that girl who keeps calling Naoki and teases him on the phone?

>retweeted by the anime's official twitter account

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Extremely cute and canon. If Rio doesn't play as much of a central role as Momiji did in her episode, I'll be pretty pissed.

Manager-kun already has a GF so the rest of the girls will have to make out with each other.

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cute yuri




1) Shares same VA

2) Kei is alternate Kanji pronunciation of Hotaru.

But who is Kei?

Will the Shine Post game even last?

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Longer than Extreme Hearts'

I don't even think Extreme Hearts is getting a game.

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