I miss cigarettes in anime

I miss cigarettes in anime

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You can see the trends quite clearly.
>Older series had lots of smoking
>Older series had no mobile phones or slightly newer stuff from mid 90s on that were generally only taken out rarely, not often as a main tool used to advance the story
>Newer stuff features much less smoking. Smart phone now used as a primary means of advancing and facilitating characters' emotional connections, whole pages of texting/messaging eachother when seperated by distance is now common.

I feel old just watching the change. I need to go back and read some nice old-fashioned Showashit.

I only smoked cigarettes once or twice in my life, but I kinda want to try them again after playing Cyberpunk and seeing Johnny smoke all the time

>falling for the niggerette meme

Me *cough* too, they *gasp* were so *WHEEZE* aesthetic

Me too

When till we see vapes in anime?

Don't its expensive and unhealthy

Is smoking even regulated any more in modern anime than in older anime or is this just a symptom of smoking not being considered cool anymore?

Good riddance

Hopefully fucking never ever.

>here's your 2025 delinquent manga, bro
>*vaping noise*

People who don't smoke annoy the shit out of me.

I miss smoking

It's not worth it at all

Fuck cigarettes, wheres the cigars at

No taste

Smoking in general is a dying trend.

OK zoomer.

Like the people that smoke.

>Cigarettes as an aesthetic dying off much like their userbase

As expected of a zoomer non-smoker.

I used to chainsmoke and my lung capacity is still the same as before I started
git gud

>I used to chainsmoke

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not cool