The manga author posted on Twitter a version drawn by him of one of the anime original scenes

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When are you people expecting the first legitimate death in this series?

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Miko will choke Julia a little too long one day, and that'll be that.

Honestly I expected it to happen to either Romm or the old lady during the shrine arc, but if neither happened yet idk

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As in, a named character? Pretty sure Zen-sensei murdered the man who was mutilating cats in his neighborhood.

Probably granny, in a sudden, surprise moment. It'll be kino.

>Everyone is choking Julia
What a cruel world

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Off topic, but did anyone here reading Gori-sen?

>Miko was actually having fun until now
She deserves more hugs

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End of the dump, cute filler

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Wait, this was anime original? I'm sure I have read this scanlated before.

Thought the same, it's chapter 18

He should have drawn a manga version of this instead.

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Meant to reply to

This chapter reminds me of My House of Horrors.
The protagonist Chen Ge sometimes visits other people's haunted houses, scares their employees to death and kidnaps any restless spirits that he can find.

It's so relaxing to deal with artificial scares rather than truly bloodthirsty and actually powerful undead.

Ah shit, then why did he upload it on Twitter?

To promote his manga?