Monthly reminder to WATCH SPACE DANDY

monthly reminder to WATCH SPACE DANDY

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I had Episode 2 on pause since 2018

Rio is better.

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How is S2? I've only seen the first one

Better than season 1 definitely
Keep watching it

I purchased it on DVD.
It was ok

I remember the hype before it first came out.
It was going to be S.Watanabe's new masterpiece to rival Cowboy Bebop

Still good tho

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I have Watanabe's autograph on the posted for Space Dandy, I am so fucking salty they haven't got any Bebop posters to sign.

Bebop always aired at midnight or later what's the problem

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But I did, 3 times already. When it aired and 2 times with different groups of friends.

But I rewatched it recently, let me check exactly when.
>already 3 1/2 years ago

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Glad he didn't stick Nabeshin in there.

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Is the soundtrack decent?

Can somebody remind who space dandy is again and what he does for a living?


Space Dandy is one of the best shows of the previous decade.

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One of my favorite anime OSTs hands down, here's a few songs for starters
And also here's the full playlist

He's a dandy guy... In space

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