Episode starts with a 5 minute recap

>Episode starts with a 5 minute recap

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Back in my day we had full episodes as Recaps for just a 2 cour anime

OP starts the 10 mins recap. Be grateful

>skip it, saving the need to watch the stretched out content they would've used in place of the recap

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>scene from the previous episode or just before the commercial brake replays
>lines are redone or the music has changed

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>keep watching because the recap adds revealing details that you cannot miss

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Man you should watch yu gi oh Vrains because oooh boy

I don't watch shonenshit so I've never seen that happen.

>There is no recap

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Stop watching shounenshit you subhuman ape.

>recap is recapping false information to prepare us for a twist ending

>There is no episode

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>Episode ends with preview of the next episode
either give me the actual episode or don't.

>episode ends with the next episode

>episode never ends

previous episode okay, but replaying scenes before commercial break is kino incarnate and what tv was made for

Haruhi Suzumiya sure was a trip.

i meant a change in music or lines were resaid (not replayed). sometimes the music change is for the better, but it just like why?

>There is no adaptation

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>skipping the anime and watching recaps on youtube

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Yeah yeah whatever. Go slurp up generic romcom #896.

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did Cell just do a 360° and walk away?

>season opener is all recap

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