Talk about a series with 0 cultural impact...

Talk about a series with 0 cultural impact. For a series that at its most prolific was as prominent within the community as bleach,naruto, and one piece to have no memorable characters, no memorable fights, no memorable arcs, just nothing. Even the notgeneral has

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I like it.

Erza's mary-sueness is memorable

It's the most popular out of the Mashima series but I think Mashima alongside Takahashi are some of the few artists that can consistently pump out popular manga series. Most manga authors can't pull more than two at most.

This except the opposite. FT has so many sexy girls it's hard to even pick your favorite, while those other shows are just completely lacking in this regard. I guess you are just too young so you don't care about this.

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>500+ chapters
>300+ episodes
>Complete adaption of source material
>Multiple movies
>Numerous OVAs
>Countless spin-offs
>Prolific sales
>100+ chapter sequel currently running
>Anime for the sequel in the works
>30th most successful manga series of all time
With all these series floundering or getting axed, the more pertinent question is what went so right?

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>Even the notgeneral has

sexy girls

I just fucking love beautiful women. Mashima is the only one who understands this.

>coomer arguments
Well I’ll tell you what, I don’t agree with it but I respect it for how brazen it is. It’s better than anything said by because all of that can be applied to marvel movies

Of course you don't agree, you are obviously a homosexual. Go ahead and stick to your gay shows like JoJo.

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Cultural impact? What the fuck am I reading? Go piss and shit yourself, cretin.

i liked it but can see why its not immortalized like others.

Cultural impact THIS.

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>shitting on JoJo

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>fag is mad that no one likes his homosexual show

These two are correct.

>continue to shit on JoJo

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Stay mad faggot.

The main appeal of Fairy Tail is that the cast is like, 20~ish year old teenagers with a raunchy attitude in a shounen world.
Most shounen series make their MC's like, 15ish at best. Even shounens with more adult MC's like OnePiece, JJkeksen and Inuyasha don't really make their adult-ish MCs "grown-up", they don't drink alcohol, date and hang out in JJK because the mangaka doesn't know what that is in concept and in Inuyasha because it's about le "cultural times". SDS and Eureka7 are the only exceptions I can think of.
Fairy Tail is sorta unique in that regard.

P.S. in OnePiece they don't act like that because it wouldn't be relatable to Japanese teenagers, after all, Fairy Tail targets a SLIGHTLY more adult audience than your usual WSJ reader

The memorable part was how unbelievably sexy all the girls were.

>are the only exceptions I can think of.
Air Gear