Appare-Ranman! was a very good, 13 episode, wholly anime original series with a lot of charm and creativity put into it...

Appare-Ranman! was a very good, 13 episode, wholly anime original series with a lot of charm and creativity put into it. It's got fun characters, and a tight story that'll put a smile on your face watching by the end. I have no agenda with this thread other than I think you should give it a shot and watch it.

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I liked it better when it was just Wacky Races

Could've been better with 26 episodes. Felt like needed more episodes centered on the survival racing aspect out in the American frontier.

I feel like 26 might've overstayed its welcome. The racing definitely took a surprising level of backseat, compared to the premise, but I didn't mind it that much since I enjoyed what it was presenting in its place.

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All I know about it is this incredible webm

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Fucking loved Kosame. Dude had a great character arc. His design as brilliant too. He's a background character who reached protagonist status.

Yeah, Kosame really carried this. Started as the straight men of the comedy duo, became a truly likable, funny on his own and strong character.
And yes, this anime was great. Always like to rewatch some episodes and scenes.

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it never was. The racing was barely present except as a plot contrivance.

I know it's cheesy as hell, but when he decided to not go back to Japan, and stay with Appare, I had just like, the dumbest grin on my face. We'll never get a sequel, but the whole hook of, "Yeah, we did cars. How about we try planes?" was just the funnest way to end it on. I have no proof of this, but my gut tells me the whole series was originally meant to be a movie, that got added to, and made into a TV anime.

I really like it too. It was really great how they managed to make all the characters likable. They were a fun bunch and watching them all play a part in the finale was neat. Even the stuck up business guy came through.

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That tasty China girl too

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>ecstasy of gold intensifies

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The atmosphere was well well done and the synergy between the characters was fucking awesome. Definitely the best P.A. Works show in the past 3-4 years. They managed not fuck it up for once, just fun the whole way through. I didn't want it to end.

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They really hit all the proper notes for a western. Gun slingers. Bad guys. Bad guys who aren't such bad guys. They even chased down a train at the end. What more can you really ask for.

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Anachronistic cowboy rap.