Attack on titan is dogshit

How do you make your main character so weak and boring and still have a successful show. Just finished season 2 and I’m done this show sucks. Eren is useless and Mikasa has no character.

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goddamn you're late to the party

Watching Demon Slayer with my brother this summer got me into anime lol.

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Friendly reminder that Isayama is a hack and loves to rip off from other shows.

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Wat? Think this is more your speed op

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Every modern piece of media borrows ideas from other things, you guys are just looking for trivial stuff to nitpick.

>So week

He's absolutly not weak, against Annie he lose but Annie is very strong and trained while Eren doesnt even know how to correctly use his power at this point and against Reiner he'd probably win if Berthold wasn't here.

>and boring and still have a successful show
Because the story is amazing, what else ?

You're like 2 years late

Congratulations you're not like the delusional fanbase that headcanon he's good because of offscreen ""development""

>still have a successful show
Only S1 was successful, the shitty mystery that most predicted kept the underage watching the rest of this shit show.
>Eren is useless and Mikasa has no character.
This never changes throught the show

The show turned to shit precisely because the boring MC got handed a convenient power to deal with the titans that shits on its entire premise

Why is it always the ESLtards that vehemently try to defend Shitgeki?


>AoT is le popular and therefore...LE BAD
go back

>MC is shit and drags the already shit show down
Stay here


Wait til season 3. He goes from whiny bitch to whiny bitch who constantly has to be reassured by friends.
Those death screams are spooky. That girl screaming about daddy at Utgard stuck with me

The first episode was edgy enough to hook everyone, and Linked Horizon knows how to make hype OPs.

People turning into titans is the entire premise, everything prior to that is an extended prologue. For sure he made a lot of stuff up as he went along later but that particular plot development was clearly planned from the start and already happened before the anime made the series popular.

>How do you make your main character so weak and boring
Eren is anything but weak. He's an overpowered faggot at the end of it. He even has his own personal jobber (Reiner).

>Eren gets literally eaten
>Every other shifter that gets eaten makes the titan turn into one
>Not Eren for some reason becouse the titan who ate him was somehow a retard who did not crush his skull

The show was dogshit from the begining.

Right? AoT filtered idiots like the ones on Any Forums. It was number 1 on MAL until it got reviewed bombed by reddit, Any Forums, and AoT haters. And that's with MAPPA's shitty adaptation. Now imagine if the same level of effort that was put into Chainshit Man was put into something that actually deserved it. Wit was stupid to let such an amazing series go and MAPPA for wasting it's potential. Ironically, normies are smart enough to understand it once the anime finishes

Yes it's true attack on Titan suck

The series was a hotbed for theory crafters, they were more interested in discussing their headcanons than the ""plot"".
Any Forums and everyone predicted everything about this series and eren always being a shitty character is nothing new because most of the cast are intolerable and badly written.

>dude swallows Eren whole
>Eren is literally shown in his stomach being digested alive, but Eren is still alive
>then the Attack Titan kicks in, which is the embodiment of tenacity
>Eren shifts, killing the dude trying to digest him
I don't know where you're getting confused, retard.

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