Most rapeable character of all time

Most rapeable character of all time

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Based Darius Silva

nonconsensual sex is pretty cringe

The only one who manages to rape her is Oldeus.

Women can't consent


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Later in the novel she becomes so op that mc even jokes that it's he who feel raped after sexing her

No fucking way she has canon sex in the novel

Why would anyone fuck a canon? There is no way that would fit.

Then she just Virgin Maryed her into existence

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Rape is a man's God-given right. Consent is a myth.

I think rape is wrong.


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Rape as much as you like (it's not like you'll be punished for doing it) but don't involve God in this, nigger.

art, direction, and animation-wise the anime is good.
story-wise it's just another shallow horny mc-self-insert who gets to call himself Lewdy (which formerly is a 3dpd pedophile irl).

rape is a social construct and so is sex. neither exists in nature

>No fucking way she has canon sex in the novel
She did with Rudy in volume six, which was at the end of season 1.

Why would girls be so rapeable if not for God making them that way?